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Which is the course best for hotel management?

It depends on what kind of subjects he/she loves to or is passionate about.

Hotel management comprises four core subjects:-

Food production – it’s related to the kitchen. It has a cooking, cold section, bakery, ice carving, cheese carving, cheese processing, etc.

Food and beverage service – This subject includes service of food and beverages, bartending, mixology of mocktails and cocktails, lounge-related jobs, discotheque or pub, or click-related jobs.

Housekeeping – This is related to cleaning of the hotel, cleaning of hotel and staff linen, clothes, etc, laundry, flower arrangement, banquet or wedding or party decorations, etc.

Front office – This includes check-in and check-out of guests, in brief, maintaining guest relations, handling VIP guests, handling luggage, providing different hotel products and services to guests, auditing, etc.